The Way of Love – Loving the Self

Knowing I had to write something for the  “magenta musings” section of the website,  I thought, so where do I begin.  Where do I begin talking about “the way of  love.“  Then I realized with “self.”  If we don’t have love for our self, how can we possibly love others.

There are many different types of love  (I.e., friends, romantic, family, etc).  But, I think the most important  part of any love is that it be “unconditional.”   What does “unconditional” love  entail; no judgment, no expectations, no hidden agendas, no manipulation  to think of a few.  What does it include; support, forgiveness, gentleness, patience, compassion, total acceptance, encouragement.  I think we also must remember that there are two selves.  The self connected to the personality and then the Higher Self connected to the Divine.  Both of these selves need to be loved unconditionally.

Why does the Higher Self need this when it is love?  Because many times we don’t honor it with our respect.  We ignore our gifts and we doubt our abilities.  We hide that Self from ourselves and others.  We need to remember that both these selves are a part of us. Need our love and understanding.   It is a wonderful thing to strive to have unconditional love with everyone in our lives. Sometimes the hardest person to do this with is ourselves.  What better gift can we give ourselves than unconditional love,  so we can then extend it to others.

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