The Wesak Moon – A Buddhist Celebration of the Full Moon in May

Capture68This year the Wesak Full Moon is on Wednesday, May 14th.  Each year at the Full  Moon in May, Buddhists commemorate Buddha’s birthday, life, and enlightenment.  In recent years this holiday has also received recognition from Westerners and the spiritual community.  It is at this time that the Earth is flooded with both the vibration of Buddha’s energy which represents the Wisdom of God  and illumination. As well as the energy of  the Christ-consciousness which represents love and Ascension.

Use this opportunity to gather together in meditation and prayer to absorb the influx of Light for yourselves and all Humanity.  During this time, through the cooperation of Buddha and Christ working together, we can anchor these energies on Mother Earth to magnify the vibration of Unity and Oneness.  Enjoy and magnify this gift lovingly given to us from these two Masters.

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