Thoughts on Purity

Angel of PuritySo I’ve been thinking a lot of the meaning of Purity lately.  I remember years ago I went to a fund raising art auction at a local church where I saw this beautiful print of an angel by artist Lena Liu.  It so happened that I was thinking just that afternoon how I would love to own a print of one of  her paintings.  It turned out that I bid on the print and was able to purchase it.  When I was hanging it up on my bedroom wall I noticed it was called the “Angel of Purity.”   At the time, I thought that was an odd title and had no idea what that meant.  So I hung the painting and forgot about Purity.

Recently the subject of Purity has once again entered my awareness.  This is what I have come to believe.  There are two aspects of Purity, the emotional/feeling aspect and the physical aspect. On the emotional side,  Purity is the essence of love.  When we are “pure” there is nothing blocking our heart chakra from receiving Divine Love.  There is nothing blocking us from transferring that love to others.  We have a direct and clear path of communication to our I AM Presence and Higher-Self.  The ego knows it’s place. There are no hidden agendas.  Always checking our motives and thoughts that they come from love. That our interaction with others is always heart centered.  It means that anything that may be impure is released and transformed (i.e., anger, resentment, selfishness, etc.).  We come from a place of compassion, humility, sincerity, and honesty with self and others.

The other part of this is the Purity of the Physical Body.  This includes a clean diet. Respecting our physical vehicle by taking care of it using exercise, meditation, etc.  It means to possibly use some cleansing rituals that can be as simple as taking a shower or bath to keep our bodies and energy field clean.

So allow your inner Light to shine through your Pure mind, body and heart.

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