Mary Magdalene Feast Day – July 22nd

St. Baume caveI’ve felt very drawn to put out a message for Mary Magdalene’s feast day.  Not only is this day remembered in the Christian tradition, but in the spiritual circle as well.  There is much controversy and many different beliefs about the physical person known as Mary Magdalene and the part she played while Yeshua (Jesus) was on Earth.  So use your discernment and discover what resonates with your own knowing.  But, most will agree that she was a profound element of the message that Yeshua was bringing to humanity.

In September, 2013 I had the great honor to travel to Southern France to the area of Provence.  This has become a life changing experience for me.  The connection I made with that area on this sacred pilgrimage will never leave me.

There are many who believe that after the Ascension of  Jesus; Mary Magdalene, Mary Solome and Mary Jacob traveled from Egypt to Southern France by the way of the Mediterranean.  Mary Magdalene settled in the Town of St. Baume where she preached the teachings of Yeshua and healed the local people.  She found solitude in a cave nestled on the side of a mountain where she lived for 30 years.  I was able to visit this cave on my trip.  It is an extremely powerful place energetically.  Even after all these years, you get a sense of the spirit of the woman that lived there.  As you walk through an ancient forest and travel up 150 steps to reach this fantastic structure, you can feel the energy of love, peace and harmony all around you.

If your soul beckons,  I hope you will research and discover the different aspects of this amazing physical/spiritual being who came to Earth to teach us and help us transcend our understanding of the masculine and feminine energies on Earth.  May you open you heart and mind to the message of Mary Magdalene for Humanity then and now, for those “with ears to hear and eyes to see.”

Channeled message through Carol Essig from Mary Magdalene – July 22, 2014:

My dear sisters and brothers of Light,

How honored I am to have this opportunity to connect with you.  I am humbled to know that you have set a day on your time line to remember me.  I want you all to know that my mission on Earth was very much a joint ministry with my Beloved, Yeshua.  We came into that incarnation as One.  We came to show humans that BOTH the masculine and feminine energies in the physical body and physical World are important. For eons there was an imbalance of these energies.  The feminine energy was overpowered by the masculine.  As now, dear sisters and brothers, it is time that the feminine energy is once again joined with the masculine to be anchored on the Earth.  It is important to remember that this anchoring brings the two energies in balance and one does not overpower the other.  This is the same in your physical bodies. You need to have a balance of both energies.

The ministry that myself and my Beloved brought to Earth could not have been accomplished without these two balanced energies.  Neither was more important then the other, they were both equally necessary.  Each brought a particular aspect to the ministry. Each held the energy for the other.  May you have a balance of these energies in all you do.  Blessed be, my dear sisters and brothers.

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