snoopy joyThis time of the year you hear so much about ‘joy’, so it got me thinking about my understanding on the subject. Personally, I have felt for many years that there is a deep emotional difference between experiencing happiness and experiencing joy.  I am not an academic, so I have no theoretical knowledge to support my thoughts on this difference.  But, more important to me, I have this deep knowing.

To me, happiness is fleeting and is usually connected to something whether it be a person, situation, or temporary experience. For example, you can feel happy when you see someone, or if you get a promotion, or on vacation.  It is generated by the ego.  I also find it interesting that the word “happy” seems to be in the same word family as “happening.”  There is nothing wrong with feeling happy about situations, but there is a more sustainable feeling for us that we can have in our life.

Ah,JOY!  Joy comes from the spirit.  Joy is a state of being that is eternal.  It doesn’t matter what is happening around you, you can still be in joy.  It is hard to explain this feeling in words, but once you are there you know it!  Joy gives you perspective on life. It gives you clarity and an understanding of truth. It encourages your spirit to soar, sing and dance.  It gives you freedom.

How do you achieve a state of joy?  By connecting to your Higher Self, expressing and sharing love, and living from your heart.  You become joyful when you live in the state of acceptance.  When your life is experienced moment by moment. When gratitude and love are expressed for all things.

It is very possible for all of us to achieve joy. Not just during this time of year, but every day and for all time.  Joy is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

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