thousand speakThere are many types of Truth.  Today I am going to focus on our authenticity, speaking and living OUR Truth.  As you travel through spiritual circles you hear a great deal about “speaking our Truth.”  But, what does that mean exactly. Knowing our truth, speaking our truth and living our truth can be the hardest things most of us have to learn. Our culture or the human race has taught us and encouraged us not to be True to ourselves.  It has taught us to make other people happy, not to say certain things if it is going to make waves.  Being honest is often frowned upon in certain circumstances, usually when it disrupts the status quo in some way.

So what is speaking and living our Truth. Simply put, it is living and speaking from our heart.  It is always checking on our feelings.  It is getting to know ourselves so well that we can not be deceived by ourselves or any one else.  It is putting our ego and mind aside and being directed  completely from our heart.  It is being completely honest with ourselves in all incidences. It is having the courage to speak our feelings and beliefs when others don’t understand.  It is being able to tell the truth from our perspective even if others don’t agree.   It is being steadfast in our beliefs regardless of others response or reaction. It is doing what is right for us even if we don’t fit in with what is popular.  When I was learning to speak my truth I was taught to always check three things before I spoke:  was it kind, honest and necessary.  When we speak from our heart with love, often things are heard in a different way then when we speak from the ego.

We have much to gain from speaking and living our Truth; freedom, joy, peace of mind, healing and empowerment to mention a few.  Our heart will rejoice in being who we were born to be.  Truth is the pathway to our soul.


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