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“Carol is a pure soul who has been sharing her many gifts with others for many years. She has a clear vision and a deep source of energy that helps her to comfort and guide others as they make their way along the long path of life, searching for answers and meaning. Carol is walking many steps ahead of the rest of us, and has made it her life’s work to pause a while, to meet and guide us forward. She can provide life-changing care and advice for those seeking to experience life at its fullest.” ~ Dr. Paul O’Connell, Ridgefield, CT

                         All services may be puchased online via Paypal or by contacting Carol directly at (203) 438-4893

Sound Healing Session/Massage:

Each session lasts for about 1 – 1 1/2 hours.  You are fully clothed and lay on a massage table.  I use Himalayan singing bowls, chimes, bells, and tuning forks. I will play these instruments to first put you into a deep state of relaxation and then raise your body’s frequency and vibration to promote healing.  Afterwards, you will have some time to discuss your session and integrate the energy you received.

1 – 1 1/2 hours – $125 USD

Sound Healing


Channeled Readings:

Receive channeled information from multi-dimensional Light Beings and Divine Guidance. You are supplied information so that you can make choices and decisions for your life path.  A channeled reading offers perspective and clarity on issues that are close to you which you many not be able to perceive objectively.   After readings people have expressed feelings of calm, validation, hope and optimism about their situations.
60 minutes – $140 USD
45 minutes –  $100 USD
30 minutes –  $75 USD

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Space/House Clearings:

Everything is made up of energy.  Often when we move into any new space the energies from the previous occupants are left behind.  Give yourself a complete new start and cleanse your space of any energy that does not serve you.  Some signs that lower vibrational energy may be affecting your space are: family is arguing more than usual, a feeling of un-ease, you are tired or angry, increased stress, etc. A space will remove the lower vibrational energies and fill the space with higher, positive energy and intent.  This will help restore balance to your space.  The result is an environment that feels lighter, more peaceful and harmonious.
Pricing – within a 30min. Radius of Ridgefield, CT:
Inside Space Only (approx. 1 hour)  $150 USD
Inside and Outside Space (approx. 2 hours)   $250 USD
Additional time spent prorated at $100 an hour.

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Gift Certificate:

Giving someone the opportunity to receive channeled Divine Guidance is a wonderful way of saying you are thinking of them.   A gift certificate is a special way to allow someone to get familiar with Spirit.
60 minutes – $120 USD
30 minutes – $60 USD
15 minutes – $30 USD

Gift Certificate

 Spiritual Counseling:

Through dialogue and awareness develop your authentic self.   Often negative behavior patterns inhibit our spirit.  Learn to change these patterns and focus on more spiritual oriented beliefs to become the being you were meant to be. Learn to connect with your Higher Self and be guided to create and live the life that you‘ve always wanted.  A life of joy, truth, clarity, and peace of mind and heart awaits you.

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