Sound Healing

“Carol Essig has been one of my principal teachers. I’m grateful I know her. In confusing times, her wisdom can both answer your questions and illuminate The Path. She brings certainty to uncertainty, harmony and balance. What more do you need to know?” C. Alexander MD


What is Sound Healing:  Every part of our bodies is made up of a frequency of energy or resonance. Every organ and every cell has its own frequency. Sound Healing/Therapy uses the vibration/frequency of a sound, instrument or tool (i.e., Himalayan singing bowls, drums, etc.) to bring our bodies back into balance. Imbalances can occur because of illness, toxicity, stress, etc. Sound allows us to by-pass the mind and bring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies back into alignment and balance with promotes self-healing.

Some benefits of Sound Healing:  deep relaxation, stress reduction, improve immune function, promotes mental clarity.  It can bring you to a higher level of awareness and consciousness.

Sound Healing Session/Massage:  Each session lasts for about 1- 1 1/2 hours. You are fully clothed and lay on a massage table.  I use Himalayan singing bowls, chimes, bells, tuning forks and other tools. I will play these instruments to first put you into a deep state of relaxation and then raise your body’s frequency and vibration to promote healing. Afterward, you will have some time to discuss your session and integrate the energy you received.

Sound Immersion/Sound Bath:  My Vibrations of Tibet Sound Immersion is a group experience where you lay in a relaxed position and listen to the resonance of different Tibetan singing bowls.  I also use chimes, bells and other instruments .  During the immersion I will tone and sing the language of light (language of the soul) which is channeled from the higher realms.  This language transmits energy to help in the realignment of any discord and to elevate frequency levels in the body and energy field. These activations are specific to the group that is present at the time.


“From the moment Carol began her group sound healing, my feet started to vibrate. It was the holiday season and I had been running around more than normal with my business and personal life. Lying on the floor I absorbed the healing and immediately the energy was telling me that I needed to slow down and feel my feet, and connect with Mother earth.  I DID feel it on a cellular level. I felt the healing all the way to my bones. Not only that, but I had a sense that the vibration was going directly to me, healing very specific areas such as my nose that got a little twitchy at one point. It was amazing to feel that in a group setting that I was getting what I specifically needed and I felt that all the others were too.  At one point when Carol began singing the light language I immediately saw a giant Ganesha and lots of whirling bright lights of various colors. His arms were moving fast and furiously, majestically. I was in awe. It was as if he was removing all of my obstacles, or seeming obstacles, so that I could move forward. I felt so empowered and free. It was a very powerful healing. Afterwards I felt completely uplifted and happy. I slept like a baby that night and the next morning I woke up energized and powerful. I whizzed through my morning yoga routine and thought to myself “Where did that strength come from? Wow, I am so powerful!” Carol is a rare gift. If she is offering a sound healing near you, go. Don’t miss it!” – Khristee Rich, The Dancing Curtain


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